Jumaat, 2 Disember 2005

Can Citizens Control a Democratically Elected Government?

Many of us are exasperated at times whan the government policy create problem and causes great inconvenience for us.

We wonder why such things happen and more importantly wonder how we can prevent or remedy the situation.

A friend of mine who is a student in political science told me the other day: "Kelantanese are politically wise..". "How so?" I asked.

"Well, you see they control the state government and not the other way round."


"But at the national level the government is controlling the citizen. Bacause Kelantanese dare to change their government. For certain period they vote for Pas. Then they chose BN. Then again Pas. By doing this, they are actually the state assembly. Their assemblimen and MPs better watch their steps, and the ruling party better watch their policy. Or else the voters will say goodbye to them come the next elections."

"You mean even at the national level, we should vote Pas/BA into the government as well?"

"Yes, I do."

"But how will that affecy our lives? What about the development?"

"Why should we worry? The ruling government will carry on the development. And they will definite improve the conditions of the rakyat. If not, next elections the other party will be voted in."

"But we have never experienced Pas/BA in the government before. How would we know they would be better than the ruling one?"

"All the more reasons why we should try. We'll never know unless we try.."

This discussion crept in my mind again, following the Pengkalan Pasir byelection, soon to be held in Kelantan. Well, we would know if my student friend is right yet again. (alang bidara - 2/12/2005)

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