Jumaat, 16 Disember 2005

The Raining Season and School Holidays Ending Soon?

Most schools will re-open on 3 January, 2006.

Now most of us are doing the shopping for the school-going kids. You know, the school uniform, the scholl bags, the text books and not to forget the school fees.
Most parents this is the time of anxiety and hectic days.

Many parents are taking the leave to complete their annual leave entitlement. And those with some projects to handle are not able to do so.

And the end of the year may spell the end of rainy season, as the monsoon months are coming to a close.

As for me, the Lumut Escapade will cap the long school holidays, and the ending of time of the noisy kids at home.

Lumut holidays will also spell some financial extra spending, but I suppose, the investment is a worthwhile effort to 'buy out' some quality time which I may have missed during the course of working for the year 2005. (alang bidara - 16/12/2005)

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