Rabu, 21 Disember 2005

Democracy in Palestine

When one reads the news about EU and the US of A threatening to cut off aid to Palestine if Hamas were voted into power in the Janury 2006 elections, one cannot help but feels a sense of skewed logic in this democracy thing that the West has so much stand for.

On the one hand they talk about democracy and the so-called "people's choice government"; but on the other they want force Party A to win the elections, and not Party B.

So in a way this whole Palestine Election episode exposes the real face of the West, vis-a-vis the democracy in non-Western countries.

Is that any wonder therefore, these western countries were former colonial masters, and they want to continue to remain so, even though all of the colonised are given the so-called independence?

One does not have to think too hard to reach a conclusive answer. (alang bidara - 21/12/2005)

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