Selasa, 13 Disember 2005

Lumut Escapade 2005 Friendship Symbol

It was 1975 when more than 130 of us, selected from various schools in Malaysia, to enter Form 4, Boys Wing of the Royal Military College.

From that moment on, we are together.

The hardship we went through: those ragging, road-runs, extra drills, change parades and gatings.

The moments of new experience of the military regimented life: drills on the parade square, the saturday military trainings, the inspections.

Not to forget the weekend camping down at the Air Hitam jungle in Puchong. And the annual camping in Kuantan.

The sand dunes of Sungei Besi Mines, the 'harvesting' of belimbings. The boxing trainings, the drill competitions.

Remember the Toong Foong bus number 109? The Pudu Raya bus station, the Guard Room?
All these are etched in our memories, memories of another day.

But these memories that are keeping us together. That was 30 years ago. Many things have changed since then. Sg Besi mine is no more there. Air Hitam training site is no more there. Toong Foong buses number 109 are no more.

But Lumut Escapade 2005 is sure going to bring out those moments again. We are gonna talk about it again and again. The more we talk about it, the closer we become.

Dear OP75 friends, see you in Lumut on the weekend of 16-18 December 2005. It will be a moment to treasure for the rest of our lives. (alang bidara - 13/12/2005)

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