Selasa, 28 Februari 2006

Harga Minyak Naik Lagi

Adakah kenaikan harga minyak ini berkait rapat dengan berkurangnya bekalan minyak di dunia?

Atau adakah kekurangan bekalan minyak dunia dijadikan alasan menaikkan harga minyak?

Yang kita dapat lihat di tahun minyak dinaikkan sebegitu tinggi tahun 2005, Petronas memberikan bonus kepada kakitangannya sebanyak enam bilan gaji.

Jadi adakah kita mahu tuggu dan lihat tahun ini pekerja-pekerja Petronas diberikan bonus enam bulan gaji lagi sebelum menyatakan bantahan?

Satu yang pasti ialah sesiapa yang tidak mendapat keuntungan, malah kerugian dari kenaikan ini, tentu tidak bersetuju dengan kenaikan ini.

Sememangnya majoriti rakyat negara ini (kecuali pekerja Petronas!) tidak bersetuju dengan kenaikan harga minyak ini. (alang bidara - 28/2/2006)

Isnin, 27 Februari 2006

Lumut Jetty on an Overcast Day

My daughter accidently deleted the whole batch of pictures taken during my sunday trip to Ulu Bendul, so I post this picture of Lumut Jetty in 2005 when we went there for a weekend with loads of fun and enjoyment for my family. (alang bidara - 27/2/2006).

The Whole Batch of Pictures Wiped Out!

After the Ulu Bendul sunday outing with many pictures taken, the USb transfer cable went on the blink.

No picyure can be uploaded to my picture blog.

This morning my eldest daughter accidently deleted all the pictures saved in the digital camera.

What a day! It looks like we need to make another trip to Ulu Bendul. (alang bidara - 27/2/2006)

Ahad, 26 Februari 2006

Unable to Upload Pictures

We took a lot of pictures at the Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul today.

Pictures of water running in the stream, my kids taking the dip in its cool water and pictures of sceneries of our journey from Serdang to Ulu Bendul to Sri Menanti, Tampin and back to Serdang.

When we came home, I was so excited and wanted to upload the pictures to my notebook before uploading to my picture blog. But the USB cable connecting the digital camera to the PC was broken and hence no transfer is possible.

My picture blog may not be with pictures for the next few days. (alang bidara - 26/2/2006).

Ulu Bendul the Weekend Picnic

This sunday saw us in Ulu Bendul, the recreational park with cool stream that flows down the Gunung Angsi.

The winding road from Senawang to Ulu Bendul via Bukit Putus is a sight to hehold. My kids love the cool dip in the stream and we have not been to a picnic by a stream for a long time.

The pictures of the location will be published in my picture blog shortly. Visit my picture blog at:


alang bidara (25/2/2006)

Jumaat, 24 Februari 2006

Flowers are pleasing to our eyes

People who like flowers are those who understand the language of beauty and those who see sees with their "minds' eyes". It a universal language understood by these people, wherever they live on this planet earth. (alang bidara - 24/2/2006).
LOCATION: Taman Botani, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Customer Service, Gap or Opportunity

Sometimes when you are being badly served as a customer, you feel frustrated, desperate and exasperated as to the hopelessness of the situation.

But it is doubtful that the service people feel what the customer feels at that moment in time.

But that is the opportunity for the "seeeing" people to seize and fill the gap. that is the opportunity: serving customers.

That is what the philosophy of customer service is all about: identifying the bad service, then improve on it and then keep on improving it. (alang bidara - 24/2/2006).

Khamis, 23 Februari 2006

The Tree Trunk that Look like a Fish?

During our trip to Pulau Pangkor last year I was fascinated by a piece of wood that we found on the beach there. At a glance it look like some creature. (alang bidara - 23/2/2006)

A Day at the Immigration Office

In an attempt to be early at the Immigration office to beat the crowd today, I was sadly disappointed.

I went to Immigration Office at Precint 2 Putrajaya, only to be told that no counter for passport application is open in Putrajaya, but only Kajang, Shah Alam or Klang.

So I drove to Kajang and in a hurry got lost in Putrajaya maze of roads for over 30 minutes. A long queue has built up to the outside of the immigration counter.

When I finally obtained by 'nombor giliran' I was told to come back at 2.00 PM. So I had to take leave from work. Luckiliy, my boss was gracious enough to grant me the leave even though I had to skip the scheduled 2.00 PM meeting.

So thus began my preparation for the Sudan business trip. (alang bidara - 23/2/2006)

Selasa, 21 Februari 2006

Palestine VS Kelantan (?!)

When Kelantan was won by a non-BN party in 1990, the Federal Government took several economic sanctions in what was described as steps to "punish" the Kelantan voters for selecting the Islamist party (Pas).

Three general elections later the Islamist party still rule Kelantan even though by a razor-thin majority. But Kelantan seems to be developed in physical terms, at par with other states ruled by the BN. So the notion that electing a non-BN party to rule does not necessarily implies no physical development will take place.

Now on a much global and visible front, when the Palestinians voted in Hamas at the cost of Fatah, the Israelis, the Americans and the Europeans seem to be so desperate and exasperated that the party they like (Fatah) was kicked out; they are taking economic sanctions in the hope to bring down Hamas.

But we can predct that similar scenario as in Kelantan will be repeated in Palestine, much to the anger and frustrations of the Israelis, the Americans and the Europeans. Time will prove this and the event will come to pass. (alang bidara - 21/2/2006).

Isnin, 20 Februari 2006

A Sobering Moment

Sometimes, at moments of time we wish for the past to be returned so that we can undo whatever wrong we have done.

We wish we can turn back the clock and change a certain event that will change that past's future so that we would not do that wrong that we have realized to be wrong and have regretted our mistake.

But we cannot turn back the clock.

The experience is the greatest teacher and a mistake can only be used to avoid the same mistake and that we learn from the past. (alang bidara 20/2/2006)

Lines in the Park Making Pretty Little Patterns

When I was there I did not notice them, but when I went home and I noticed the lines, all those lines that seem to form some pattern that merge from them. (alang bidara - 20/2/2006).

Ahad, 19 Februari 2006

Gerai Tom Yam Yang Bertukar Pengurusan

Dua tahun yang lepas saya selalu mengunjungi gerai tom yam yang berhampiran rumah saya untuk menjamu selera. Tomyam nya sedap, begitu juga sup ekor dan ikan siakap kukus. Tak terkecuali juga sayur campur dan udang masak sambal bersama petai.

Tahun lepas bila pengurusannya bertukar tangan kami tidak lagi ke sana kerana masakannya telah kami rasakan tidak sedap lagi. Nama gerai pun dah bertukar.

Beberapa minggu yang lepas saya dapati nama gerai bertukar kembali kepada nama yang asalnya.
Jadi petang ini kami ke sana semula untuk 'test market'.

Ya, memang betul pengurusannya telah bertukar tangan semula kepada pengurusannya yang asal. MAsakannya juga sedap dan harga berpatutan. (alang bidara - 19/2/2006).

Angin Bertiup Kencang Bendera Berkibar

Apabila angin bertiup kencang, hati gembira melihat bendera-bendera yang bekibaran di Putrajaya pada hari Ahad yang lalu. Adakah ini rasa patriotik? (alang bidara - 19/2/2006).

Sabtu, 18 Februari 2006

Teratai Mekar di Tasik Mardi

Teratai yang berwarna merah dan putih yang mekar di Tasik Mardi Serdang memang membuat hati rasa gembira dan kecantikannya sungguh menawan sesiapa sahaja yang mengerti menilai keindahan. (alang bidara - 18/2/2006).

Tasik Putrajaya Tenang di Waktu Pagi

Bila melihat ketenangan tasik di Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant, hati merasa aman dan fikiran terasa lapang. Silalah ke sana di waktu pagi. (alang bidara - 18/2/2006).

Sunrise in Putrajaya's Taman Botani

On Saturday morning my youngest son, my wife and I headed for Taman Botani Putrajaya for a relaxing walk.

My son so happy running around the garden. My wife managed to gulp a good measure of cool morning fresh air.

I managed to capture some interesting views of the garden. (alang bidara - 18/2/2006).

A Walk in the Garden

My wife, youngest son and I went for a walk 7.30 AM Saturday morning in Taman Botani, Putrajaya.

It was nice and cool and refreshing to walk down the stairs via the Seafood Restaurant and around the fern walk.

I was taking pictures of the plants, flowers and the lake against the Putrajaya's landmark mosque and PM's Department building.

After the walk, we adjourned to Medan Selera Presint 8, for a sumptious breakfast.

On the way back I managed to snap some more pictures of the lotus growing in the Mardi lake, before the digicam ran flat on battery. (alang bidara - 18/2/2006).

Jumaat, 17 Februari 2006

Hospital Serdang Operational...

My apologies for getting the facts wrong: Serdang hospital is operational now!

Earlier in my picture blog I mentioned that the hospital is not yet completed. True the whole complex is not ready, but the admin block and most sections are already in operation.

The one not ready is the block for the UNIPUTRA medical faculty, as the contruction is still in progress.

I brought my wife for medical examination and the next appointment date in two month's time to see if the operation to remove the so-called 'fibroid' is inevitable. (alang bidara - 17/2/2006.)

Khamis, 16 Februari 2006

Pokok Kurma Cantik dibuat Hiasan

Pokok kurma adalah suatu aset penting bagi orang Arab kerana dari pokok kurma akan menghasilkan pendapatan lumayan bagi tuannya.

Di Malaysia pula pokok kurma dijadikan pohon hiasan di taman-taman rekrasi, malah di surau-surau dan di perkarangan masjid-masjid pun ada di tanam pokok kurma.

Di dalam gambar di atas pokok kurma di taman selera Presint 8 Putrajaya.(alang bidara - 16/2/2006).

Diagnosed to Have Fibroid

Bad news hit me today.

The wife has been diagnosed with a fibroid and need to undergo detailed medical examination fast.

For the past few months her periods extended to more than two weeeks, but she thought she is going to have her menopause.

But yesterday the pain is unbearable, after getting the lab test showing the haemoglobin level in her red blood cells is below normal level. went to government clinic today and the doctor ran a scan and diagnosed the fibroid exists and she need to undergo the detail examination from HUKM clinic.

So I need to take an emergency leave tomorrow. (alang bidara - 16/2/2006).

Rabu, 15 Februari 2006

Iran Akan di Serang?

Sebuah akhbar UK mendedahkan dari suatu sumber pentadbiran Amerika, pihak tertinggi Amerika sedang menghitung kelengkapan untuk menyerang Iran sekiranya isu nuklear Iran tidak dapat diselesaikan melalui jalan 'diplomatik' (baca: jika Iran tidak dapat diugut untuk menghentikan peneyelidikan nuklear).

Pilihan tindakan ketenteraan akan diambil sekiranya Iran gagal mematuhi sekatan atau sekiranya sekatan ekonomi PBB tidak berkesan ke atas Iran.

Sekiranya maklumat ini betul, maka terbuktilah sudah tanggapan bahawa pihak barat tidak mahu ada pencabar kuasa politik mereka di dunia. Ertinya barat mahu terus-menerus menindas negara-negera bukan barat, terutama negara-negara umat Islam.

Namun adakah umatt Islam akan hakikat ini? (alang bidara - 15/2/2006).

Kunyit Hidup Banyak Khasiatnya

Seorang kawan di kampung menanam kunyit di tepi dinding rumahnya. Oleh kerana kena penjagaannya, kunyit itu tumbuh susur kehijauan.

Selain dignakan untuk memasak ikan atau daging "garam kunyit" yang lazat, kunyit juga boleh direbus dan diminum air rebusan akar kunyit ini. (alang bidara - 15/2/2006).

Selasa, 14 Februari 2006

Palestine in the Limelight Again

Palestianian Legislative has granted substantial veto to President Abu Mazen in ancipation for Hamas control of Paletinian Parliament once the new PA is formed in the next few days.

It is ironic that the democracy process which has taken place in a fair and transparent manner is now tainted with undemocratic interference and illogical precedence.

But, no matter. It is the characteristics of th echain of events that any Islamic movement will have to undergo once they are in power. Even in the early days of the Prophet (S.A.W.) after Hijrah to Medina, the Islamic State of Medina is sieged by the Quraish Arabs of Mekkah, Similarly since th early days after the climax of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iraq attacked Iran with the help of the US and the Europeans.

But, insya Allah, the Islamic Movement of the day will overcome all challenges pose by its enemies, much to the anger and exasperation of its contemporary enemies. In fact the challenges will gradually make it stronger with each passing day, and at the end of it all, all of its enemies will be vanquished and the Islamic Movement will be the undisputed victor.

This will come to pass. (alang bidara - 14/2/2006).

Isnin, 13 Februari 2006

Biodiesel Fuel of the Future

With the report that Sweden to work on a fossil fuel-free economy by 2020, it is predictable that the world will inevitably acknowledge and accept the fact that world oil production will peak soon.

Despite the reluctance of world oil majors to endorse or start working towards a transition to bio-fuel based economy, the course of history will take precedence.

It is strange to note that countries who has vast potential are slow to harness its strength from bio-fuel production.

Well, better late than never. (alang bidara - 13/2/2006).

Ahad, 12 Februari 2006

Makan Chicken Chop di Putrajaya

Waktu dah hampir pukul 7.00 malam. Dengan harapan makanan akan dapat cepat dan surau juga berhampiran dengan medan selera Presint 8, Putrajaya, kami pun singgah untuk makan chicken chop di tingkat atas.

Bila makanan siap waktu dah hampir tiba. Makan lah kami dengan cepat sebelum bergegas ke surau berhampiran untuk solat maghrib. (alang bidara - 12/2/2006).

Laksa di Putrajaya vs Laksa di Kg Kondok, Nilai

Kami sekeluarga pernah makan laksa di Kg Kondok, Nilai dan pernah juga makan laksa di gerai no. 1 Medan Selera Presint 8, Putrajaya.

Laksa di kedua-dua gerai tersebut sedap dimakan dan membuka selera.

Cuma yang mana satu lebih sedap tidak dapat dipastikan. Kerana ianya pilhan peribadi.

Sekiranya para pembaca budiman ingin mengetahuinya, silalah cuba laksa di kedua-dua gerai. (alang bidara - 12/2/2006)

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2006

Palestine, a Continuous Feature on World Stage

Whatever the outcome of the negotiation towards the new Palestinian Parliament, Palestine Struggle will continue to be on centre stage of world politics.

Whoever leads the Israelis, the conflict withe the Palestians will continue to remain the focus of the world audience.

However, some changes is in store for the future: the plight of the Palestinians will be better taken care of by Hamas than their 'brothers' from Fatah.

That is why the US and the EU are so incensed and so irritated that the people of Palestine have chosen Hamas over Fatah.

It shows that the Israelis will no longer have an unchallenged in their dealing with the Palestinians.

Time will prove this statement. (alang bidara - 11/2/2006).

Jumaat, 10 Februari 2006

Lebih 8,000 Demo Bantah Karikatur

Dianggarkan lebih 8,000 orang dari umat Islam Malaysia berdemo dengan berarak dari Masjid Kg Baru melalui Jalan Ampang ke Kedutaan Denmark di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Jumlah ini adalah kecil jika dinisbahkan kepada bilangan umat Islam di negara ini, tetapi jumlah ini besar kalau dibanding dengan bilangan yang hadir di waktu demo-demo yang lain selepas PRU tahun 2004.

Ini menandakan umat Islam di negara ini masih ramai yang peka dengan perkembangan di dunia ketika ini. Nampaknya selepas kemenangan puak Islam Hamas di Palestin baru-baru ini, umat Islam seolah-olah mendapat suatu suntikan semangat baru di dalam perjuangan mereka. (alang bidara - 10/2/2006).

Hospital Serdang - projek yang belum siap

Telah lebih dua tahun di dalam ingatan saya, projek hospital Serdang dimulakan, tetapi masih belum siap lagi sehingga ke hari ini.

Sebahagian daripada bangunan yang kelihatan siap ialah seperti yang tertera di dalam gambar di atas. (alang bidara - 10/2/2006)

Khamis, 9 Februari 2006

Kedinginan Ketika Hujan

Apabila hujan turun saya akan merasa dingin dan tenang, sekiranya tiada diiringi oleh kilat dan petir.

Ketika memandang titis-titis hujan yang turun ketenangan akan meyusul dan akan terasa betapa kebesaran Allah. (alang bidara - 9/2/2006).

Sweden to "Break" Oil Dependency Habit

It was reported that Sweden is planning to switch to renewable energy and thus will break away from the dependency on fossil fuel.

And they expect to do by in less than 15 years!

"Our dependency on oil should be broken by 2020," the Guardian cited Mona Sahlin, the country's Minister for Sustainable Development as saying.

"There shall always be better alternatives to oil, which means no house should need oil for heating, and no driver should need to turn solely to petrol." Source : Bloomberg.

So Malaysia is planning to be a "negara maju" in 2020. But will it be free from depedency on oil? This is a major question for the government to answer. (alang bidara - 9/2/2006).

Rabu, 8 Februari 2006

Anggur Tumbuh di Gerai Roti Canai

Sepohon anggur yang ditanam oleh Pak Din, penjual roti canai di Serdang tumbuh subur 'menjalar' di tepi tiang di gerai itu.

Bila berbuah, Pak Din memetiknya dan makan buah anggur itu.

"Sedap ke Pak Din anggur itu?" Saya bertanya.

"Masam rasanya. Iklim tak sesuai," katanya.

Begitulah kisah anggur di tepi gerai roti canai. (alang bidara - 8/2/2006).

Laut Tenang di Waktu Pagi

Jika kita ke Pelabuhan Kelang di sekitar Tanjung Harapan di waktu pagi kita akan merasakan suatu ketenangan.

Udara yang masih dingin membuat kita terasa segar bila menghirupnya. Ombak laut beralun-alun damai. Bila ada kapal-kapal lalu akan dengaran bunyi enjinnya memecah kesunyian suasana damai di pagi hari. (alang bidara - 8/2/2006).

Syarikat Denmark Rugi RM6.84 juta sehari

Akibat barangan keluarannya diboikot umat Islam Arla food, penegluar produk tenusu Denmark, dilapurkan mengalami kerugian lebih RM6 juta sehari.

Produk keluaran syarikat tersebut banyak diekspot ke negara-negara Timur Tengah.

Nampaknya langkah boikot ini memberikan kesan yang besar, lebih besar dari membakar dan merusuh di depan kedutaan Denmark.

Sesungguhnya tunjuk perasaan dan demo secara aman adalah bagi menyatakan sikap. Tetapi selain itu, tindakan boikot nampaknya begitu berkesan kerana ianya melibatkan ekonomi sesebuah negara.

Pada mula kita tentu hairan Malaysia, sebagai sebagai sebuah negara OIC berkata tidak akan memboikot barangan Denmark, sedangkan Malaysia memegang jawatan pengerusi OIC.

Bila dikaji secara lebih terperinci, maka kita akan dapati banyak syarikat Denmark yang melabur di negara ini. Antara yang terkenal ialah EAC (syarikat kapal) dan Carlsberg (syarikat arak).

O, begitu rupanya ya? Mungkin juga ramai di antara pembuat dasar di dalam kerajaan yang memang membeli barangan Denmark, mungkin mentega dan produk tenusu. Dah bertahun dok makan benda tu, jadi kalau nak boikot, rasa tak selera nak makan makanan yang lain kot... (alang bidara - 8/2/2006).

Selasa, 7 Februari 2006

On the way to Sudan

I will be in Sudan next month to oversee some project for the company I work with.

My OP76 friend, Mood of Kemamang will be back in Malaysia in the next few days. And all this while I was telling him I will be seeing him in Sudan. He went there first. His work takes him to Neem Oilfields about one thousand kilometers fron Khartoum.

The other OP76 friend, Malek of Chukai was there much earlier.

So I will be there when both of them are back for their R & R break.

So some pictures will grace my picture blog in the next few months. (alang bidara - 7/2/2006).

Isnin, 6 Februari 2006

Ikan Berenang Ikut Corak

Semasa singgah di sebuah masjid di Selat Kelang minggu lepas, saya tertarik kepada ikan-ikan di dalam kolam di tepi masjid yang berenang seolah-olah mengikut corak tertentu.

Sama ada ianya memang mengikut pattern bulatan, atau ikan-ikan itu berenang sedmikian kerana ruang kolam yang seluas itu sahaja, tak dapat dipastikan. (alang bidara - 6/2/2006).

Salam vs Titanic

After reading the news about the Egyptian ferry which sank in the Red Sea after sailing from Saudi Arabia, one cannot help but feel sad for the victims and their families, and angry at the ferry owners.

Some compare the tragedy with the sinking of the Titanic.

But we note the differences between the two are so striking.

In Titanic case, it was in the 19th century, whereas in Salam case it is in the new millennium, the so-called modern era.

In Titanic case, the captain was the last to leave the doomed vessel. In fact he did not leave the ship but perished with it.

In Salam case, it was reported that the captain were the first to save himself, leaving the pessengers and the members of the creww to fend for themselves.

What a shame. (alang bidara - 6/2/2006).

Ahad, 5 Februari 2006

"Memburu" ERL di Waktu Senja

Hari sudah hampir senja bila saya memandu merentas jejambat ERL berhampiran Bukit Expo, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Saya dapati lampu isyarat di tepi landasan tersebut berwarna hijau. Ini dah tentu keretapi ERL dari arah KLIA ke KL Sentral.

Saya cepat-cepat berhenti di tepi jejambat tersebut. Kamera digital saya buka lensa, on battery, siap!

Saya bergegas keluar dari kereta sambil membimbit kamera.

Kedengaran "desiran" enjin pacuan kuasa elektrik ERL dari arah Putrajaya.

Saya angkat kamera dan menekan punat snap gambar ERL dan dengan secepat yang mungkin berlari melintas jalan untuk mengambil gambar dari arah belakangnya pula.

Em, bukan senang nak ambil gambar ERL yang bergerak pantas itu.

Kalau tergugup sedikit sahaja, saya sudah tentu dapat mengambil gambar landasan yang kosong tanpa keretapi! (alang bidara - 6/2/2006).

Back to Work

At last the long holiday break is coming to an end.

Ah how heavy it feels to drag our feet back to work.

But what to do, all good things will end. (alang bidara - 5/2/2006)

Sabtu, 4 Februari 2006

MRR2 dan Kesesakan Lalulintas

Nampaknya selepas mengharungi kesesakan di lebuhraya dan jalan persekutuan ketika cuti Tahun Baru China, nampaknya warga kota Kuala Lumpur sekali lagi terpaksa melalui kesesakan akibat penutupan MRR2.

MRR2 dan jejambat di persimpangan Kepong yang diberitakan retak ditutup untuk dibaik-ulih selama dua bulan.

Mungkin menghadapi kesesakan adalah pilihan yang kurang di antara dua mudharat, sekiranya berlaku keruntuhan jejambat yang retak itu. (alang bidara - 4/2/2006).

Hujan di Putrajaya

Saya memandu di Putrajaya di petang Sabtu lalu.

Kami singgah di Presint 8 untuk menikmati laksa di medan selera di situ.

Hujan turun dan pemandangan yang indah dan dingin sekali ketika itu. (alang bidara - 4/2/2006)

Ferry Capsized with 1,400 lives feared dead

A ferry, named al-Salam, from Saudi Arabia to Egypt with more than 1,400 pessengers onboard sank in the Red Sea.

Dozens of bodies have been recovered from the sea, believed to be victims of the tragic incident.

Some survivors were found in lifeboats.

One question would immediately come to our mind: "Were there insufficient lifeboats onboard al-Salam?"

If this is so, then we are shocked that a ferry of such a carrying capacity could be approved to collect fares from her pessengersm but no sufficient safety precautions are taken. (alang bidara - 4/2/2006).

Cerita Kartun Untuk Menenggelamkan Isu Palestin dan Iran?

Secara tiba-tiba kartun yang mencemarkan imej Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W) disiarkan oleh media di Eropah.

Ini berlaku di dalam keadaan dunia terkejut dengan kemenangan HAMAS di dalam pilihanraya legislatif Palestin, dan di dalam dunia kecoh membincangkan isu nuklear Iran.

Kita tentu tertanya-tanya apa tujuan di sebalik penyiaran kartun ini? Adakah untuk mengalihkan perhatian umat Islam terhadap kekalahan Amerika di Iraq? Atau Mungkinkah sengaja dilakukan bagi mengalihkan fokus orang-orang Islam dari isu Palestin dan isu Iran? (alang bidara - 4/2/2006).

Bunga Orkid di Putrajaya

Anak saya belajar di Sekolah Menengah Presint 11, Putrajaya.

Sebahagian kecil dari kawasan sekolah telah ditanam dengan bunga orkid oleh guru-guru dan murid-murid.

Oleh kerana pokok-pokok orkid itu tumbuh subur dan mengeluarkan bunga yang cantik, isteri saya telah mengambil gambar.

Saya siarkan dua dari gambar-gambar tersebut di ruangan ini. (alang bidara - 4/2/2006)

Pilihanraya DUN Sarawak

Pilihanraya Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak semakin hampir.

Negeri terbesar di Malaysia ini mempunyai 71 kerusi DUN dan 28 kerusi Parlimen. Malah tidak silap kalau diistilahkan sebagai salah sebuah negeri penentu lanskap politik tanah air.

Apa yang menarik lagi ialah pemerhati politik meramalkan Ketua Menteri paling lama di antara kalangan MB and KM itu akan bersara dari politik kerana alasan kesihatan.

Dan yang menarik lagi ialah ada usaha-usaha menyatukan parti-parti bukan BN bagi memberikan alternatif kepada pengundi-pengundi di Bumi Kenyalang itu, oleh parti PKR yang mana mantan Timbalan Perdana Menteri Anwar Ibrahim, menjadi penasihat.

Nampaknya perkembangan politik Sarawak semakin menjadi hangat. (alang bidara - 4/2/2006).

Jumaat, 3 Februari 2006

Kartun menggambarkan Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W.) menggemparkan dunia

Sebuah akhbar Denmark menyiarkan kartun yang menggambarkan Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W.) dengan imej yang menjatuhkan martabat Baginda.

Sekejap sahaja berbagai reaksi marah di dunia Islam. Barangan keluaran Denmark di boikot umat Islam. Sebuah rangkaian pengekspot barangan keluaran Denmark diberitakan rugi sebanyak USD 500 juta sehari dan menimbangkan untuk membuang pekerjanya bagi mengurangkan kerugian tersebut.

Nampaknya sensitiviti umat Islam begitu tinggi, walaupun hanya dari akibat kartun media cetak di sebuah negara kecil di Scandinavia. Sedangkan perlakuan Amerika mendatangkan kemusnahan dan kesengsaraan umat Islam di Afghanistan dan Iraq tidak membawa akibat yang begitu segera.

Pada pendapat saya.inilah tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah yang telah memuliakan hambaNya dan kekasihNya, Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W.). Juga menunjukkan betapa tinggi darjat cinta dan kasih umat ini kepada Nabi Akhir Zaman. (alang bidara - 3/2/2006).

Buah Getah di UiTM

Setelah selesai solat, semasa singgah di waktu Asar di Pusat Islam UiTM, saya terpandang buah getah bertaburan di atas tangga di tebing di tepi bukit.

Teringat saya akan pelajaran Ilmu Alam semasa sekolah rendah dahulu, tentang getah yang berasal dari Brazil di bawah ke Tanah Melayu dan kemudian menjadi salah satu sumber pendapatan penduduk di negara ini.

Tetapi hari ini ianya tumbuh liar di pingir masjid di sebuah IPTA di Lembah Kelang. Sebagai tanda ingatan saya mengambil beberapa keping gambar untuk tatapan kita bersama.(alang bidara - 3/2/2006).

Khamis, 2 Februari 2006

Masa yang berlalu tak akan kembali lagi

Sesungguhnya masa yang sudah berlalu ianya tak akan kembali lagi.

Masa yang akan datang pula adalah dekat kerana ia akan sampai menemui kita juga akhirnya.

Tiada guna ditangisi peristiwa yang sudah terjadi, tetapi hendaklah bersabar mengharungi hidup di hadapan hari. (alang bidara - 2/2/2006)

Jalan Pelabuhan Kelang Lengang di Waktu Pagi

Saya dan isteri saya menghantar anak saya ke pejabat tempat dia mengikuti latihan praktikal UiTM di sebuah syarikat logistik di Pelabuhan Kelang, pagi tadi.

Lalu lintas bergerak lancar. Malah di exit Hicom di Highway Kesas dari arah Pelabuhan Barat, yang lazimnya sesak pada waktu pagi kelihatan lengang sahaja.

Di dalam perjalanan balik pula laluan dari Pelabuhan Utara ke Pelabuhan Selatan, jambatan yang melintasi sungai juga lengang.

Namun saya percaya keadaan ini akan bertukar wajah kepada keadaan di hari-hari sebelum cuti dulu. (alang bidara - 2/2/2006)

Rabu, 1 Februari 2006

Rainy Season is Here

It has been raining today in my place.

Some friends are saying that rain is a regular feature of the weather in their areas.

Flood has just ended in the north with Kedah and Perlis taking the worst casualties.

It looks like the long holiday of Chinese New Year, Awal Muharam and Federal Territory Day is meant to be dotted with rainy.

It looks like the rainy is still here with us.

Whenever you are, take care of your kids. We do not want more deaths in floods. (alang bidara - 1/2/2006).