Selasa, 27 Disember 2005

Tsunami, A Year After

The date 26 December 2004 has a very significant historic moment for us all.

It was the day many parts of Asia were hit by the tsunami. Hundreds of thousands people perished. Indonesia's Acheh, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India are the most affected. In countries as far as East Africa, many lives were lost.

Time has passed. But even a year after the catastrophy, many peolpe are still struggling to pick up the pieces after been hit by the tsunami.

We can question as to how little aid reach the affected people. Why so very little aid came from Western countries?

Human proposes, but Allah disposes.

We, as human beings, have to learn some valuable lessons from the events of 26 December, 2004.

Even a year after the tragedy, we are still learning from it. (alang bidara - 27/12/2005).

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