Jumaat, 16 Disember 2005

MOVE Project for MILS Good Luck

Dear Team,

We are now at a point when many things happen in parellel. So many things to be done at the same time in so little time!

Never fear. Don't panic. This is a normal phenomena in any project which is about to go 'live'. The anxiety and the pressure is the hallmark of any new project and the challenges will only be overcome by the strong and the ones with the physical, mental and emotional stamina. This criteria is, what our team possess.

Monday will the 'live' date and so luckily, our project captain has shrewdly focus only on a limited 'hard target scenario', instead of the 'big bang' technic, thus limiting the possible damage, and effectively give us the control over the unknown possibility, or any collateral damage that might entail.

God willing, we will prevail over the challenges and any objection or whatever negative criticisms which may be hurled upon us.

MOVE is the system that will MOVE our company into the new era of integrated logistics. (alang bidara - 16/12/2005)

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