Isnin, 5 Disember 2005

Buying Memory

What?! One might ask:"Can memory be bought?" To the layman, perhaps the idea sound somewhat preposterous. But not to an IT-savvy person.

Yes, I made my way to the Low Yat Plaza on Monday evening to purchase some RAM for the PCs in the office. A few months earlier I was there with my kids, but on Monday I went alone. The feeling and the environment is definitely different, even though the place is the same Low Yat Plaza.

But I wish to write about some interesting development that has taken place at the Imbi Monorail station. It was after 6.30 PM when I walked back to the station from Low Yat Plaza to take a train to KL Sentral before changing to KTM Komuter.

KL Monorail has apparently hired a foreigner to be their PR runner at the platform. I was not certain of his nationality. But from the look I guessed he could either be from Bangladesh or Myanmar.

He was shouting through a loud hailer at the platform.

"The next train will be coming in 5 minutes time...for your own safety, please stand behind the yellow line..!!"

When the train arrives: "Please give way to disembarking passengers."

When passengers embark: "Please go in, please go right in. Malaysia boleh." "Thank you for using KL Monorail."

At some point I thought he was overdoing it. I wish someone would tell him to relax a bit and not be so tense about it. But then it crossed my mind that he is only doing his job. He is paid to do it and he has to do it.

When I finally got myself into the train (or rather, I pushes myself into the carriage!) I was somehow sandwiched between a thin Malay lady at the back and a big sized European woman in front. I could not help but felt embarassed being in that position, but I had no choice.

The train moved on with me in that somewhat 'compromising' position until the next station.
(alang bidara - 5/12/2005)

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