Sabtu, 24 Disember 2005

The Chicken or the Egg?

This afternoon will be an exciting for me and my friend, Halim.

We plan to visit a chicken farm project of another friend. Well, this is quite out of the usual industry that we indulge in.

But it does not matter, a business is a business whan it comes to making money. Anything lawful and morally sound should be an acceptable way to laugh our way to the bank.

It may be the start of a new and exciting project, or it may end up being one of the entries in my journal, to be in my live archive for my future writing assignments.

This afternoon will be a turning point of sort in my life. (alang bidara - 24/12/2005)

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Andrew Hooper berkata...

I just read your English blog entries and have to say: this is a perspective that I've been looking for. Where are you located? Palestine? I'll bookmark your blog and keep checking in...keep up the good writing. Especially your thoughts and observations about occurances in the Middle East.