Sabtu, 10 Disember 2005

Lumut Escapade 2005 Nostalgic Moments

It was 1975 that we got together into Form 4 of Boys Wing (Cawangan Putera) of the Royal Military College.

Then we had to undergo strict military regimented life between 1976-77. Every day Monday to Friday after 5.00 PM was games and sports on the field or road run, or running up and down the sand dunes.

Every Saturday we have military training. On the parade square, the rifle range or the training area.

The punishments we faced... change parades (Azmil, tabik champion), gatings (Malik, kau handal bab ni ..), extra drills, and many more.

Now all those are only memories of another day. But we shall re-live and re-live it again. This way, we shall strengthen our esprit de corps. All those hardships become fond memories for us all.

On 16 and 17 December 2005 we will gather in Lumut. It will be our 30th year anniversary of sorts.

Lumut Escapade 2005 will be a milestone in our lives.

So, remember it well, my dear friends...(alang bidara - 10/12/2005)

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