Selasa, 31 Januari 2006

Jalan Sesak Lagi

Maklumat yang diterima dari beberapa teman di beberapa tempat menyatakan jalan raya sesak di pekan-pekan dan jalan-jalan utama.

Nampaknya senario jalan jam menjadi lumrah di waktu cuti panjang. Semua orang mengambil peluang cuti panjang ini untuk bercuti, atau balik kampung, serta menziarah keluarga.

Pengguna-pengguna jalan raya perlu bersabar dan bersikap penuh timbang rasa dan bertolak ansur bila terperangkap di dalam kesesakan jalan tersebut. (alang bidara - 31/1/2006)

Isnin, 30 Januari 2006

Alang Bidara 2 - blog with pictures

This new blog will be posted with pictures of my suject of interests.

This fisrt posting will show pictures taken from the garden of my wife's friends in Tg Agas.

She is a housewife but she is keen gardener and plants flowers and fruit trees in the land around their house.

This is an example of someone who is a friend of the earth, and this hobby of hers has certainly rewards with satisfaction and some vegetable for their meals. (alang bidara - 30/1/2006)

Jalan di Port Dickson Sesak

Jalan di Port Dickson sesak hari ini.

Saya memandu dari Melaka ke Serdang, melalui Tg Agas, Pasir Panjang dan Port Dickson.

Semasa melalui pekan Teluk Kemang, saya nampak jalan sesak dari arah pekan Port Dickson, tetapi jalan ke pekan PD lancar.

Tetapi bila melalui depan kem tentera di sebelah PD Golf Resort, jalan ke arah PD pula sesak.

Selepas kem tentera dan kuil Hindu,jalan agak lega tetapi sesak semula bila saya sampai di persimpangan di batu 8.

Maka saya membeluk memasuki lebuhraya PD-Seremban dan turun di Springhill. Seterusnya memsuki jalan lama PD-Seremban dan masuk ke perkampungan Labu Sendayan.

Kami sekeluarga singgah di kampong Kondok untuk makan laksa di gerai di tepi jalan itu. Lepas itu, saya meneruskan perjalanan balik ke Serdang melalui Salak Tinggi, Ulu Jenderam, Sg Buah, Teras Jernang, B B Bangi, Kampung Datuk Abu Bakar Baginda, Uniten, Hospital Serdang, Mardi, UPM sehingga ke Taman Sri Serdang.

Kemungkinan persitiwa jalan sesak ini berlaku di pekan-pekan dan bandar-bandar di selutuh negara sempena cuti panjang ini. (alang bidara - 31/1/2006).

Sabtu, 28 Januari 2006

We are going back to Melaka

We are going back to K Sg Baru Masjid Tanah Melaka today and will be returning after a few days.

I may not have the internet connection so this blog may not be updated during that time.

The holidays is a long break from work.

I will take every opportunity to update the blog, as time and circumstances permit. (alang bidara - 28/1/2006).

The Roads Are Congested !

During the morning in the office, a colleague mentioned that her friends were on the way back to their hometown up north.

According to them the PLUS Highway were so congested that they were stuck near Rawang and the traffic was moving so slowly.

So that is just one aspect of this Balik Kampong exodus.

Drive carefully and take care on the road. (alang bidara - 28/1/2006)

The World Should Respect Palestinians' Choice

The Palestinians voted over-whelmingly for Hamas.

Whether they voted out Fatah because of their inept, idle and corrupt governance for over a decade.

Or they voted in Hamas because of their clean, respectable governance and championing Palestinians' cause for anti-occupation.

One thing for sure: they voted for a change and they voted because the world want them to practise democracy.

So, therefore, it is logical that they ask the world to respect their choice. (alang bidara - 28/1/2006).

Gong Xi Fa Chai

The holidays are here.

Sunday and Monday are Chinese New Year. Tuesday is the Awal Muharram. Then Wednesday is the Federal Territory Day. So for KLites Thursday will the replacement holiday for the Chinese New Year which falls on Sunday.

To all Chinese readers, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

To the others, happy holidays. (alang bidara - 28/1/12006).

Jumaat, 27 Januari 2006

Palestinians are true democrats

Hamas won the election is surprising.

But what is more surprising is the fact that the ruling Fatah takes the loss in a true spirit of democracy.

No cancelling of elections and banning of Hamas party. No arrest of Hamas leaders.

In fact the prime minister Ahmad Qurei and his cabinet resigned to make way for the victor Hamas.

We undesrtand that some countries want democracy but only want parties of their choice to win.

Remember how the ruling junta cancelled the elections, banned the party poised to win the second round of elections and arrested the leaders, when FIS won handsomely against the ruling party.

Remember how the Turkey military foced Erbakan to resign when Refah ruled with True Path party.

But none of those things happened in Palestine when the results are known. Fatah accepted the results, while the victor Hamas ask Fatah brothers to participate in the new government.

I think this spirit of democracy is by far, the highest standard displayed in an Arab entity, surpassing that of all Mid-East countries, even some European contries.

We can say that the Palestinians are true democrats. But their Islamic faith has made them more gracious and not to display arrogance. but even wanting all parties to participate in the new government.

Thus the US and the EU must eventually accept the results, just as they want others to accept democracy. (alang bidara - 27/1/2006)

Khamis, 26 Januari 2006

The Palestinian Voters Have Spoken

From the initial results, it shows Hamas wins handsomely against the ruling Fatah.

Mahmoud Abbas has asked Hamas to form the new government.

Subtle threats from EU and the US fail to persuade the Palestinians to retain Fatah and obviously the Palestinian voters want a change in the Palestinian Authority, which the people view as inept and corrupt.

So we hope the world, especially the Israelis, the Americans and the Europeans will accept the results and not to resort another approach like that taken in Algeria when FIS was poised the elections in the 90's.

Hopefully the fate of the Palestinians will be better in the future than the past under the previous regime. (alang bidara - 26/1/2006)

Rabu, 25 Januari 2006

Palestinian to the Polls

The pelestinians go to the polls today to elect 132 members of parliament.

This time round they have real choice; either Fatah or Hamas.

Fatah has ruled since 1996 elections during which Hamas boycott. But Fatah has been alleged to be corrupted, and thus Hamas promise to change that if they are elected to office.

What ever the outcome it is hoped that the election results will be accepted by all parties. (alang bidara - 25/1/2006)

World Oil Reduction

Oil that used to be plentiful and still aplenty now, will inevitably run out.

That is a fact. The argument is just on how long will this "good time" last.

Some say another good 15 years, some say between 10-15 years, but there are those saying 5 years from today, the demand will exceed supply and that will spell the end of cheap oil.

Some countries have already made preparation to brace themselves for this singular historic event.

Some are still in a state of denial.

It will be with us and most of us will see the event in our lifetime. (alang bidara - 25/1/2006).

Selasa, 24 Januari 2006

Another Festival Coming Up

Another holiday stretch is coming up that will promise congested highways and by-ways and federal roads.

Be it southbound to Johor, Melaka and Negri Sembilan. Or northbound to Perlis, Perak, Penang and Kedah.

The hotels will fully booked and even the "half-star" hotels will not be left alone.

But it will a welcome break fro office workers and a sudden business spike for the samll business, especially the food stalls.

May be it is the thrills and excitement of going back to the kampongs, villages and small towns that mark the inevitable exodus.

To the Chinese friends and colleagues, Gong Xi Fa Chai and to the rest of us happy holidays. Berhati-hati di jalan raya. (alang bidara - 24/1/2006).

Isnin, 23 Januari 2006

PC works but I lacked sleep

I have managed to assemble parts bought purchased separately into a PC.
But I lacked sleep because I stayed up late last night to complete the Windows installation.

So I woke up quite late today and that caused me to arrive late at the office.

One thing led to another, so now I better have my beauty sleep. (alang bidara-23/1/2006)

Ahad, 22 Januari 2006

Only a Handful Turned up for the Demo

A demo was held at the Masjid Negara by NGOs and only a handful turned up for it.

No FRU was seen anywahere nearby the area. Only a handful police personnel were seen taking pictures and monitoring the demonstartion.

It is ironic that non-Muslim ministers got together to meet and then handed a memo to the PM to amend the Para 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution to which effectively empower Civil Courts to overrule any decision made by the Syariah Courts. This is a major and serious threat to the Muslims and to Islam.

But the Muslims seem to have the apathy attitude towards it.

They planned and Allah planned too, but certainly Allah's plan is better for Allah Is The Best of Planners. (alang bidara - 22/1/2006).

The PC Works !

At last I have managed to get the PC I assembled from parts purchased separately to function, after formatting the hard disk and after successfully insatalling Windows ME Operating System.

It took me some time to figure out to do it correctly. Numerous attempts to install the XP and Windows 2000 ended with failure.

Now I am lokkibg into taking the RAM from the other PC to upgrade the RAM of this new PC up to 512 MB.

But after fitting the 2 pieces of 256 MB RAMs and restarting the machine the RAM detected is only 128 MB.

This is another problem and I will need tomorrow to resolve it. (alang bidara - 22/1/2006)

Sabtu, 21 Januari 2006

The Motherboard is OK

Earlier I could not get to boot the PC which I assembled from parts I purchased separately.

Today I went to Low Yat again to rectify what seems to the "motherboard problem".

When the technician went through the system, he found that the motherboard was incorrectly fixed to the metal casing.

"The metal part of the motherboard must not be touching the metal casing, if it does it will create a short-circuit."

Oh dear, that is what is lacking in the do-it-yourself without proper reading of instructions.

Now I have to set up the O/S, and before that to create the relevant partition for it.

But that is another problem. (alang bidara - 21/1/2006).

Jumaat, 20 Januari 2006

Safety at Workplace

Briefing was held at my workplace today, with the aim of explaining to staff the procedure to evacuate the building in case of fire.

I was surprise to see so many of our colleagues have not attended the earlier briefing. This is a serious matter because it concerns safety of all workers in the building.

It is not a laughing matter, because in the event of a fire, one has to evacuate the building and gather at the assembly area.

Life in the building is not only concerning work matters, for certainly safety isof prime importance. (alang bidara - 20/1/2006).

Khamis, 19 Januari 2006

Iran Stands Firm on Their Right to Nuclear Research

Despite pressure from the US and EU countries Iran stands firm on the issue of their right to nuclear research.

We believe that Iran will continue on this track come what may.

The Muslims all over the world, but not necessarily their governments, stands behind Iran and supports their aspiration in becoming a nuclear country.

The technology is an open domain despite all attempts by the western countries to make it it exclusively theirs.

The clash of civilisations arena is open in contest of political wills. (alang bidara - 19/1/2006).

Late for the Train

I was "late" for the train (again) today. So seat for me.

When I was climbing up the stairs of the overhead bridge from Taman Muhibah, the KTM Komuter train for 6.50 pas just pulling out of the station. The slow moving train made it more frustrating and made you wish that you left home a few minutes earlier.

Yesterday I was "late" also but due a different circumstances. The KTM announced that the train was late due to power down between Kajang and Nilai electrification stations.
So when the train finally came well after 7.00 AM, the platform was packed with passengers.

I finally managed to squeeze myself into the crowded rail car.

So I must learn to arrive earlier at the station to have a more comfortable morning ride to the office. (alang bidara - 19/1/2006).

Rabu, 18 Januari 2006

Kecenderungan Rakyat Iran untuk Mati Syahid

Majoriti Rakyat Iran menyokong Revolusi Islam pada tahun 1979.

Antara faktor kekuatan Iran ialah kecenderungan rakyat untuk mati syahid di dalam mempertahankan kedaulatan Islam.

Kerana faktor inilah lebih 50,000 orang rela mati bila berlaku pertembungan dengan pihak bersenjata Shah Iran ketika himpunan rakyat di kemuncak revolusi pada tahun 1979.

Revolusi itu berakhir dengan jatuhnya Shah Iran tajaan CIA dan Shah menjadi pelarian politik dan hidup di dalam buangan sehingga ajalnya.

Apabila berlaku perang yang dipaksakan ke atas Iran oleh Amerika dan Barat melalui proksi mereka, Iraq di bawah pimpinan Saddam Hussein, Iran sekali lagi berjuang mempertahankan maruah mereka sehingga beratus ribu orang yang mati syahid.

Sesungguhnya kecenderungan untuk mati syahid di dalam peperangan inilah yang menjadi senjata paling ampuh di dalam menghadapi musuh-musih Islam. Dengannya juga Islam dapat dipertahankan. (alang bidara - 18/1/2006).

Tertusuk Tulang Ikan

Semasa makan malam tadi jari saya tertusuk tulang ikan.


Rasa bisa sekejap dan darah keluar. Waktu itu saya baru berselera nak tambah nasi lagi. Tetapi bila jari tertusuk tulang ikan, saya jadi tak berselera nak makan lagi. Saya berhenti setakat itu.

Saya jarang menambah nasi bila makan malam, tetapi malam tadi agak berselera saya makan. Itu yang tambah tu.

Bila tambah nasi, terkena pula tulang ikan.

Mungkin memang elok la saya makan setakat yang saya makan itu. Makan malam tak perlu bertambah. Perlu diet dan kempiskan perut. (alang bidara - 18/1/2006).

Selasa, 17 Januari 2006

Why Iran Cannot Research on Nuclear Science?

IAEA has cofirmed that no evidence showing that Iran is making weapon from her nuclear facilities.

So why the hell do the US and the Europeans insist on IAEA to refer Iran to UN Security Council?

Even if Iran make nuclear weapons why are they so adamant that nuclear science is exclusively a US or European club?

The answer is simple: They are still harbouring colonialist thought and thus they do not want the Asian or Third World countries (read Muslim countries) to have advanced technology, because that will mean an end to their control of the world.

But Allah Has other Plan: that Muslims will rise again and Islam will be the dominant force in not too distant future. (alang bidara - 17/1/2006).

Isnin, 16 Januari 2006

PC Masih Belum Berfungsi

PC yang saya assemble dari komponen-komponen yang dibeli berasingan masih gagal di'hidupkan'. Mungkin RAM yang tidak padan dengan motherboard. Mungkin processor nya yang tak sepadan dengan motherboard.

Karan letrik telah berjaya di dikesan oleh kipas, hard drive, floppy dan CD-ROM.

Saya telah menelefon kedai yang menjual motherboard di Low Yatt Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Tuan punya kedai atau pekerjanya telah meminta saya membawa PC itu ke kedainya besok untuk dia periksa bagi menentukan komponen mana yang bermasalah.

Em susah juga ye nak assemble PC ni... (alang bidara - 16/1/2006)

Kematian Pemimpin Kuwait

Pada tahun 2005 Arab Saudi kehilangan pemimpinnya, Raja Fahd dan pada akhir tahun Dubai kehilangan pemimpin dan terbaru Emir Kuwait pula meninggal dunia. Nampaknya seorang demi seorang pemimpin dunia Arab menemui ajal dan ketika ini pemimpin Israel pula di dalam keadaan koma yang tak boleh dibangkitkan.

Pemimpin-pemimpin yang lama akan pergi dan akan diganti dengan orang baru. Mungkinkah perubahan dunia semakin hampir ke arah kebaikan? (alang bidara - 16/1/2006)

Ahad, 15 Januari 2006

Assembling a PC from Parts

An attempt by the author to assemble a PC from parts purchased separately has been made. But when the PC was connected, no power was observed.

The whole of early half of last night was spent in the assembly exercise, but the effort has not borne any fuir yet.

Well, back to square one. (alang bidara - 15/1/2006).

Iran Will Not Be Bullied

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has re-iterated that Iran will not be bullied in giving up its right to nuclear research and development for peaceful means.

Thumbs up for the president and Iran.

The western-controlled media are chanting about world pressure is mounting on Iran in the nuclear issue. But we know that the people of the world, especially in the Islamic countries, are behing Iran on this issue.

So the notion that in less than a decade, the world will see an emerging country in the Islamic world that will stand up to any challenge by the west. (alang bidara - 15/1/2006).

Jumaat, 13 Januari 2006

Right of Iran to Nuclear Research

We agree that Iran has the right under the Non-Prolifiration Treaty (NPT) to nulear research.

Even if Iran does manufature a nuclear weapon, it has the right, natural right to defend itself from any external threat.

The Americans have nuclear weapons, the British, the Chinese, the French, the Russians, the Koreans and so do the Israelis. Why the hell the Iranians cannot have it?

But what-ever the outcome, we are pleased to see the Iranians are willing to make their stand and from what we see so far they are no push-over in the diplomatic manouvering skill either.

Thirty-five years after the Islamic Revolutions, the Iranians have achieved physical development, and have managed their oil resources and able to harness them to their advantage in the international arena.

They have achieved the preliminary success in social, economic and international diplomacy. And they have also achieved military strength that has certainly been able to stand up to the challenges by the US, UN and the EU.

We will see a bi-polar world in less than a decade from today. (alang bidara - 13/1/2006)

Khamis, 12 Januari 2006

Presiden Venezuela Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez merupakan salah seorang Presiden Venezuela yang disukai rakyat. Beliau ialah seorang yang berfahaman sosialis, tetapi amat popular di kalangan rakyat negara itu kerana beliau menjalankan reformasi sosial Venezuela bagi menjaga kebajikan rakyat terbanyak.

Salah satu contoh yang ketara ialah memanafaatkan kewangan negara dari hasil minyak (Venezuela negara penegeluar minyak kelima terbesar di dunia) untuk memberikan pelajaran percuma untuk anak-anak Venezuela sehingga ke peringkat yang paling tinggi.

Hugo Chavez bukan beragama Islam dan Venezuela bukan negara yang majoriti rakyatnya yang beragama Islam.

Maka kita hairan bila ada negara umat Islam yang kaya dengan hasil minyak tetapi tidak mengadakan pelajaran percuma kepada rakyatnya. Malah ada pula yang menjadikan pelajaran seperti suatu komoditi yang diniagakan. (alang bidara - 12/1/2006)

Rabu, 11 Januari 2006

Raya Qurban dan Dunia Umat Islam

Di Hari Raya Qurban tahun ini marilah kita bersama-sama merenung keadaan umat Islam di seluruh dunia pada ketika ini.

Islam tercabar di Afghanistan, Iraq dan Palestin. Sesungguhnya negara-negara Barat dan Amerika tidak mahu melihat negara-negara umat Silam maju dan membangun, kerana mereka tahu apabila itu berlaku maka mereka tidak lagi dapat melakukan sewenang-wenang terhadap umat Islam.

Salah satu exploitasi terhadap negara-negara umat Islam ialah mendapat bekalan minyak yang murah dari negara-negara umat Islam di Timur Tengah.

Negara-negara Islam juga menjadi tempat longgokan produk-produk hasil industri negara-negara Barat. Sekiranya negara-negara umat Islam maju dan membangun, mereka tidak lagi akan dapat bekalan minyak yang murah dan tidak lagi dapat melonggokkan barang-barang keluaran industri mereka.

Mereka mahu menguasai duani ini selama-lamanya. Tetapi Allah merancang perencanaan Nya yang tersendiri. (alang bidara - 10/1/2006)

Hari Raya Qurban

Sesunguhnya Hari Raya Qurban tahun ini dirayakan di dalam keadaan sekolah baru dibuka awal tahun pula tu, cuti pun hari selasa. Jadi tak berapa gembira nak bercuti di dalam keadaan dan ketika duit agak kurang.

Lagi pun komitment kerja menuntut tumpuan masa dan perhatian yang lebih untuk disiapkan.

Walau pun musim hujan dah reda, tetapi saya percaya kawan-kawan kita yang tinggal di utara tanah air tentu belum pulih dari kesan akibat banjir besar yang melanda Perlis dan Kedah. Tentunya mereka tak semeriah selalu merayakan Raya Qurban tahun ini.

Selamat Hari Raya Qurban. (alang bidara - 10/1/2006)

Selasa, 10 Januari 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Selamat Hari Raya Korban, semoga semangat dan perlaksanaan pengorbanan kita kepada Islam semakin meningkat dan semoga Islam menang di seluruh dunia.

(alang bidara - 10 Zulhijjah 1426(

Ahad, 8 Januari 2006

Kerja di Hujung Minggu

Setelah berlaku power black out malam tadi di sebahagian kawasan perindustrian Selat Kelang Utara, kami terpaksa berhenti kerja upgrade server.

Pagi ini pukul 11,00 baru sambung kerja.

Sehingga hampir waktu Maghrib baru selesai.

Selepas solat maghrib di surau tempat kerja baru lah saya pulang.

Setelah pulang, solat isyak dan makan malam, maka dapatlah saya duduk di depan komputer sehingga larut malam.

Surfing, chatting dan surfing lagi...(alang bidara - 8/1/2006)

Sabtu, 7 Januari 2006

Upgrading from Win2K to XP

Two days ago I upgraded one of my desk top PCs to XP Home Edition.

All seems OK, tapi bila re-start dapat pulak message suruh activate XP. Nak kena enter activation code.

Cuba code yang ada kat sampul CD tu, tetapi tak menjadi.

Emm, macam mana nak ikhtiar ni?

Mungkin kena beli CD lain la agaknya. (alang bidara - 7/1/2006)

Jumaat, 6 Januari 2006

Traffic Jam dan Hujan di Shah Alam

Dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah dari pejabat di Pelabuhan Kelang petang ini saya terperangkap di dalam kesesakan lalu lintas di persimpangan jalan Batu Tiga Lama dan Jalan Shah Alam-Puchong.

Hampr sejam saya terperangkap di situ. Hujan lebat yang turun mencurah-curah memburukkan lagi keadaan. Bila melepasi kawasan 'bottle-neck' saya menghala ke Seri Petaling melalui lebuhraya Kesas. Hujan masih turun lebat.

Sesungguhnya penat dan rasa tertekan bila tiba di rumah.

Nasib baik besok hari Sabtu tak kerja. Dapat lah relax sikit. Nasib baik juga petang tadi kerosakan air-con kereta telah dibaiki. Kalau tidak, tentu akan menambah masalah ketika memandu di dalam hujan lebat... (alang bidara - 6/1/2006)

Under the overhead bridge they sleep...

This morning I went to buy nasi lemak from the stall parked in front of the Central Market (CM).

I noticed there was a group of people sleeping near one of the concrete posts supporting the Putra LRT tracks. The time was about 7.40 AM. Several office workers walked pass by this group of people.

One may be forgiven for thinking that this group are weary travellers waiting for the bus that will start operating at 9.00 AM from the CM "bus stops". But there is also apossibility that they are homeless people who sleep out in the open; under overhead bridges, near office buildings like Dayabumi, etc.

We are defeinitely puzzled as to what the city authorities are doing to deal with these so-called homeless people. (alang bidara - 6/1/2006).

Khamis, 5 Januari 2006

Bila Rakyat mempunyai Kesedaran Politik..

Kita maklum bahawa semasa pemerintahan Suharto Indonesia semacam tidak punya kesedaran politik.

Hanya beberapa bulan sebelum turun takhta presiden, Suharto memenangi pilihanraya dengan mendapat lebih dari 95% peratus undi.

Dengan tak semena-mena, dia berundur diri setelah mendapat protes rakyat dan tidak disokong oleh ahli-ahli kabinet beliau sendiri.

Dan bila diadakan pilihanraya bebas, kita dapati banyak parti-parti baru mendapat kerusi di parlimen.

In bererti bila rakyat diberi kebebasan memilih, maka akan berlakulah demokrasi yang sihat. Bila rakyat punya kesedaran politik, maka akan dapatlah rakyat menikmati kebebasan berfikir. Dan akan naiklah kerajaan yang menjaga kepentingan rakyat. (alang bidara - 5/1/2006)

Rabu, 4 Januari 2006

Traffic Jam Can Sometimes Gets You Down But...

On the way to work in the Port Kelang office today, I encountered traffic jam at three locations.

Puchong was a backwater area where the Army uses it regularly to conduct weeked military exercises, and also was a mining town. Now it is drivers' nightmare.

Kesas Highway does some traffic deviation but not all. The by-pass from South Port to North Port via Port Kelang town offered another special edition of traffic jam on a daily basis.

Sometimes one can be forgiven for feeling like a trapped animal, with the toll plazas as the necessary evil to escape the traffic snarls. (alang bidara - 4/1/2006).

Selasa, 3 Januari 2006

Hari Pertama Sekolah

Keadaan hari ini agak kelam kabut, haru biru dan sesak jam. Maklumlah, hari pertama persekolahan. Adik-adik di Kelantan dan Trengganu telah mula bersekolah semalam.

Isteri saya merungut kerana beliau terpaksa mengharungi kesesakan trafik di sekolah rendah bila ke sekolah Naimah.

Semasa menghantar Hafiz ke sekolah Kelas Khas (KKBP) juga beliau menghadapi kesesakan di trafik light pertama di Putrajaya. Kesesakan hari pertama persekolahanlah katakan...

Saya pula, semasa di pejabat merasa agak tergamam bila menyedari betapa banyak nya kerja sedangkan masa amt mencemburui saya.

Namun di dalam keadaan sebegini, telah ada beberapa orang teman merancang percutian yang bakal tiba dihujung bulan Januari 2006. Cuti Tahun Baru China, Awal Muharram dan Hari Wilayah yang tiba berturutan, sehinggakan di minggu terakhir bulan ini, hanya hari Jumaat sahaja hari bekerja.

"Tetapi kebanyakan hotel dan flight dah penuh dah," seorang teman merungut.

Nampaknya kita akan megalami kesesakan lalu-lintas di semua lebuhraya sekali lagi di hujung bulan ini. (alang bidara - 3/1/2006)

Isnin, 2 Januari 2006

A Year is Made up of A Day times 365

If we think one year by itself, we feel that it is quite a long time, if we are to wait that is.

To wait one year to one' bonus feels like ages. To wait for the return of someone you love from abroad for a year seems like forever.

But we think of one year a day at a time. Each passing day is one day less from the balance. Live each day by itself. Take it one day at a time.

In no time we feel that one year is already over. Just like 2005 is gone and now comes 2006.

It seems like yesterday we were welcoming 2005, but now 2005 is gone.

How time flies. (alang bidara - 2/1/2006)

Ahad, 1 Januari 2006

Just Another Year

Happy New Year. Another new year, another year of hope, dreams and new resolutions.

As for me this blog has provided me a suitable avenue to exercise my writing skill and at the same time, having the global exposure.

For some the new year brings new hope of peace stability and all reamins status quo.

For some it heralds new changes to their domain and promises of better living conditions and improved freedom and equality.

But for a few others, it is just another year, no big deal. Just another month in the calendar....

Notwithstanding all these, I wish you all the best. Keep reading this blog. (alang bidara - 1/1/2006)