Rabu, 30 November 2005

Pengkalan Pasir Byelection - so much to lose so much to gain

The Pengkalan Pasir byelection in Kelantan, with polling day fixed the the Election Commission (SPR) on Dec 6, 2005, will determine the voting trend, both at the state and national level.

The Pak Lah cabinet performance will be evaluated and determined whether it meets Kelantan voters' aspirations. Pas will also be evaluated by the voters in Pasir Mas' Pengkalan Pasir state constituency.

The byelection is by no means an ordinary one. It will test the Tok Guru acceptance by the people. It will test Annuar Musa's relevance in Kelantan's politics. And it will also tell us whether Ibrahim Ali is still relevant in Pasir Mas and Kelantan. In fact, Datuk Heng's participation makes the byelection more alive and more interesting. And of course, whether Anwar Ibrahim's (DSAI) effort will pay the dividend it deserves.

It will provide some barometer reading as to the Pas Young Turks relevance and also we will know to some extent whether Khairy Jamaluddin's foray into Kelantan's politics have some effect in Kelantan Umno's performance.

The Chinese locals seem to be more daring in showing their political preference when many of them turn up on Nomination Day on 27 November, carrying Pas and PKR flags, and they also set up a post flying Pas flags. This is a new development in Kelantan politics.

Never in the history of Mlaysian politics, so much to be gained and so much more to be lost in a byelection held in a constituency hundreds of miles from Kuala Lumpur.

Whatever the outcome all Malaysians will "hold their breaths" while waiting for the result on that historic night of 6 December 2005. (alang bidara - 30/11/2005)

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