Khamis, 22 Disember 2005

End of Year 2005

We can still remember January 2005 was ushered in with optimism and positive thinking. New resolutions were abound and bad habits were being kicked out.

Now we stood at 9 more days of 2005. Yes, 2006 will be with us in 10 days.

Have you drawn up another list of new year resolutions, just so that they can be broken before the end of January 2006?

Will the world be a better to live in. Will the war on terror be just another war directed at Muslims and Muslim countries, under a different pretext or acronym?

Will the Palestinians ever see the elusive thing called peace? Will the situation in Iraq improve for the better? Will more 'coalitions' withdraw from Iraq, when each by goes by, the Vietnam syndrome seems more pronounced in Iraq?

What ever the future holds, we have to say goodbye to 2005 and hello to 2006.

Happy new year. (alang bidara - 22/12/2005)

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