Jumaat, 9 Disember 2005

Lumut Escapade - OP75 How Time Flies

It was 1975 that over 130 boys from all over Malaysia, chosen from many schools after their LCE results were selected to join the Boys Wing, Royal Military College.They came from various background - their parents are farmers, padi planters, rubber tappers, civil servants; but they were joined together for a common purpose.

With their motto "Serve To Lead", they would be joined together to be welded with an esprit de corps, unknown of before, even among their senior or the later seniors.

They would later be known as OP75 group.

The year now is 2005. OP75 will gather in Lumut after 30 years.

How we gonna re-live old times... what exciting things we gonna discuss....

All will be known by 17 December, in "Lumut Escapade".(alang bidara - 9/12/2005)

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