Selasa, 27 Disember 2005

End of Year Concerts (or are they New Year Concerts?)

If we see the advertisements and trailers of what are being planned in many locations, for the night of 31 December 2005, we would be forgiven to conclude that the media has nothing else to highlight but concerts.

Yes. Concerts, concerts and more comcerts. From the Gurney Drive in Penang to the KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, we have nothing else to see or hear but concerts and more concerts.

Is it any wonder that our youth are good at nothing but attending the concerts?

We are talking baout a very concerted effort by many parties to have nothing on that night, but songs and more songs. The public trasportation system even have the "Tiket Integration" scheme, in which you buy one ticket for RM18.00 and you can travel on the rails system and the buses for a certain duration during the eve of the new year.

If only we have this degree of "integrasi" and concerted effort for something more educational and more beneficial for our youth and our beloved country....!! (alang bidara - 27/12/2005)

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