Isnin, 26 Disember 2005

A Holiday to Remember

Shool holidays of the year 2005 must have been a holiday to remember for my wife and children.

In mid-December, we went to Lumut to attend the OP Lumut Escapade held at the naval base in Lumut. The BBQ and the lunch onboard MV Fajar Samudra were the highlights of the Lumut Escapade.

Though we did not stay in the Orient Star hotel (the official Escapade hotel), but Hotel Putra certainly at at the convenient location for the access to Lumut town and the Lumut Jetty, the jumping off platform to Pangkor.

We took time off to make a brief lunch tour to Teluk Nipah in Pangkor. After a quick brunch we did some shopping of souvenirs and Pangkor t-shirts and stuffs, we headed back to Lumut, reaching Hotel Putra before Zohor prayer time.

After the BBQ that night we gathered in one nasi kandar restaurant in Lumut for our teh tarik session (tts). Most of the attendees were OP75 members. It was certainly a noisy reunion, but I guessed the mamak owner were happy for our patronage.

The holidays also brought happy moments for my kids because Adham passed his traffic rules test, thus obtaining his L-licence. His mother bought him an RXZ motobike.

Hanisah passed her PMR exams with 6 A's and 2 B's, quite a good one.

Of course the happiest of them all is Noraini (along) who cleared all her exam papers for the final semester in her UiTM Business Studies (Hons) degree quest. Quite a good pointer she managed to scape through.

Last night I treated my wife and kids to a sumptious ikan bakar dinner at the bayu malam at Bagan Lalang.

This event capped the 2005 holidays for my kids. I suppose it must have been a memorable one. (alang bidara - 26/12/2005)

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