Selasa, 20 Disember 2005

Lumut Escapade Fond Memories

Thank you to the OPA, the Lumut-resident OP75 members, and all OPs who have made the OP Lumut Escapade 2005 a memorable and successful event.

The BBQ was splendid, despite what-ever short-coming that may have occurred.

The lunch and cruise on-board MV Fajar Samudra capped the Lumut Escapade, provided ample opportunity for OPs and anak OPs, to have a taste of the navy life. I know navy-related OPs took considerable risk in giving the OP families the chance to sail and cruise plus lunch as the climax of the event.

Thank you all. Hope OPA or even OP75 will organise a similar, if not better event.

"SERVE TO LEAD" (alang bidara - 20/12/2005).

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