Selasa, 6 Disember 2005

The Referee Must not Kick the Ball into the Goal

In any football match, what would happen if the referee shoots the ball into the goal of one of the teams? Of course, the losing team will not accept the defeat. The point is, the referee must be neutral and not bias to a side of the two opposing teams. If the referee is biased, then surely the results of the football match will be highly questionable.

Similarly, in elections in a truly democratic process the elections commissions must be neutral, and not take sides. But this criteria is sadly missing in our beloved country.

Sure, if the elections process takes place with the elections commission seems to be acting just like another component of the ruling party, then the losing side will question the process and may not accept the result.

If the ruling party govenrment think their government is a strong and popular one, they would not be afraid to be fair and practise clean politics. They would readily accept any independent party or any elections watch-dog, be it from the EU, OIC or even the US of A to monitor the elections process.

It is quite amusing to think of them as pro-democracy, when on the one hand they would like to hold the elections, but on the other, they taint the process, just so that they win, even if the act would render the results questionable.

It is somewhat unthinkable this sort of thing is still rampant in this third millennium. (alang bidara - 6/12/2005)

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