Khamis, 17 Ogos 2006

Another Plot To Blow Up Pessenger Planes ?

This time round the police and the so-called 'anti-terrorist' squads have foiled a plot to blow up pessenger planes, simulteneously.

It is ironic that this story broke the headlines just when the Lebanon war was not going so well for the Israeli military, an armed force touted as the most 'invincible' military force on the face of the earth. Their air strikes killed civilians, including women and children and they blame it on the dead because they 'let themselves' became the 'human shield' for the Hezbollah. How very manly of them!

Only this time round no evidence of pessenger planes being blown up in mid-air, and no buildings crumbled after being hit by commercial flights. Just a few bottles of liquid said to be highly explosive materials capable of blowig up planes.

Is this another 'conspiracy' just to target Muslims as terrorists, just to divert the world attention from the Lebanon carnage and the Lebanon fiasco encountered by the Israeli land forces? Suddenly the realised that Hezbollah fighters are no easy meat for them.

If there is really a plot, we would like the conspiracy be exposed and the culprits be tried in open court, so that the world knows the real story. No disinformation and no cover-ups please.

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