Jumaat, 13 Januari 2006

Right of Iran to Nuclear Research

We agree that Iran has the right under the Non-Prolifiration Treaty (NPT) to nulear research.

Even if Iran does manufature a nuclear weapon, it has the right, natural right to defend itself from any external threat.

The Americans have nuclear weapons, the British, the Chinese, the French, the Russians, the Koreans and so do the Israelis. Why the hell the Iranians cannot have it?

But what-ever the outcome, we are pleased to see the Iranians are willing to make their stand and from what we see so far they are no push-over in the diplomatic manouvering skill either.

Thirty-five years after the Islamic Revolutions, the Iranians have achieved physical development, and have managed their oil resources and able to harness them to their advantage in the international arena.

They have achieved the preliminary success in social, economic and international diplomacy. And they have also achieved military strength that has certainly been able to stand up to the challenges by the US, UN and the EU.

We will see a bi-polar world in less than a decade from today. (alang bidara - 13/1/2006)

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