Jumaat, 27 Januari 2006

Palestinians are true democrats

Hamas won the election is surprising.

But what is more surprising is the fact that the ruling Fatah takes the loss in a true spirit of democracy.

No cancelling of elections and banning of Hamas party. No arrest of Hamas leaders.

In fact the prime minister Ahmad Qurei and his cabinet resigned to make way for the victor Hamas.

We undesrtand that some countries want democracy but only want parties of their choice to win.

Remember how the ruling junta cancelled the elections, banned the party poised to win the second round of elections and arrested the leaders, when FIS won handsomely against the ruling party.

Remember how the Turkey military foced Erbakan to resign when Refah ruled with True Path party.

But none of those things happened in Palestine when the results are known. Fatah accepted the results, while the victor Hamas ask Fatah brothers to participate in the new government.

I think this spirit of democracy is by far, the highest standard displayed in an Arab entity, surpassing that of all Mid-East countries, even some European contries.

We can say that the Palestinians are true democrats. But their Islamic faith has made them more gracious and not to display arrogance. but even wanting all parties to participate in the new government.

Thus the US and the EU must eventually accept the results, just as they want others to accept democracy. (alang bidara - 27/1/2006)

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