Khamis, 19 Januari 2006

Late for the Train

I was "late" for the train (again) today. So seat for me.

When I was climbing up the stairs of the overhead bridge from Taman Muhibah, the KTM Komuter train for 6.50 pas just pulling out of the station. The slow moving train made it more frustrating and made you wish that you left home a few minutes earlier.

Yesterday I was "late" also but due a different circumstances. The KTM announced that the train was late due to power down between Kajang and Nilai electrification stations.
So when the train finally came well after 7.00 AM, the platform was packed with passengers.

I finally managed to squeeze myself into the crowded rail car.

So I must learn to arrive earlier at the station to have a more comfortable morning ride to the office. (alang bidara - 19/1/2006).

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