Selasa, 21 Februari 2006

Palestine VS Kelantan (?!)

When Kelantan was won by a non-BN party in 1990, the Federal Government took several economic sanctions in what was described as steps to "punish" the Kelantan voters for selecting the Islamist party (Pas).

Three general elections later the Islamist party still rule Kelantan even though by a razor-thin majority. But Kelantan seems to be developed in physical terms, at par with other states ruled by the BN. So the notion that electing a non-BN party to rule does not necessarily implies no physical development will take place.

Now on a much global and visible front, when the Palestinians voted in Hamas at the cost of Fatah, the Israelis, the Americans and the Europeans seem to be so desperate and exasperated that the party they like (Fatah) was kicked out; they are taking economic sanctions in the hope to bring down Hamas.

But we can predct that similar scenario as in Kelantan will be repeated in Palestine, much to the anger and frustrations of the Israelis, the Americans and the Europeans. Time will prove this and the event will come to pass. (alang bidara - 21/2/2006).

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