Isnin, 6 Februari 2006

Salam vs Titanic

After reading the news about the Egyptian ferry which sank in the Red Sea after sailing from Saudi Arabia, one cannot help but feel sad for the victims and their families, and angry at the ferry owners.

Some compare the tragedy with the sinking of the Titanic.

But we note the differences between the two are so striking.

In Titanic case, it was in the 19th century, whereas in Salam case it is in the new millennium, the so-called modern era.

In Titanic case, the captain was the last to leave the doomed vessel. In fact he did not leave the ship but perished with it.

In Salam case, it was reported that the captain were the first to save himself, leaving the pessengers and the members of the creww to fend for themselves.

What a shame. (alang bidara - 6/2/2006).

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