Khamis, 23 Februari 2006

A Day at the Immigration Office

In an attempt to be early at the Immigration office to beat the crowd today, I was sadly disappointed.

I went to Immigration Office at Precint 2 Putrajaya, only to be told that no counter for passport application is open in Putrajaya, but only Kajang, Shah Alam or Klang.

So I drove to Kajang and in a hurry got lost in Putrajaya maze of roads for over 30 minutes. A long queue has built up to the outside of the immigration counter.

When I finally obtained by 'nombor giliran' I was told to come back at 2.00 PM. So I had to take leave from work. Luckiliy, my boss was gracious enough to grant me the leave even though I had to skip the scheduled 2.00 PM meeting.

So thus began my preparation for the Sudan business trip. (alang bidara - 23/2/2006)

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